Recital Hall

Showcase Your Musical Skills Here

You work hard and practice every day. Now, it’s time to show off. Carpenter’s Music World features a unique recital hall that’s perfect for your next recital.


Our recital hall is spacious and can comfortably accommodate both large and small groups. You can invite your friends and family knowing they’ll have a seat for the show.

The stage is large and features a full-size Yamaha concert grand. And even if you’re performing with a full ensemble, we’ve got room for you.


We spent a lot of time thinking about the design of our recital hall. The colors and decor are designed to provide a professional and comfortable atmosphere. If you’re making a video or taking pictures of a performer, we want them to look good.


When you perform in our recital hall, you’ll perform with the same piano that the professionals use. The centerpiece of our stage is a full-size concert grand that is meticulously maintained and tuned.


  • Spacious stage
  • Yamaha CF3 9′ Concert Grand
  • Two pianos available upon request
  • Seating Capacity up to 150
  • Kitchenette available

We know you’ve worked hard to sound good, so we’ve done our part to help.