Music Academy

Why choose the Music Academy at Carpenter’s Music World?

Some of us are blessed with musical parents or talented relatives who taught us how to play the Entertainer and Silent Night and filled our childhood home with music. For the rest of us, there’s Carpenter’s Music World.

Carpenter’s can help enrich your music appreciation and unlock your musical potential through instruction on a variety of musical instruments, as well as voice. Learning to perform music can be fun and rewarding at any age. We offer instruction for all ages and all abilities.

  • Students are taught privately in our in-store music studio
  • University-trained instructors
  • Lessons are 30 minutes long
  • Tuition is $30 per lesson
  • Lessons can be packaged to fit your budget, from once a month to weekly
  • Students signed up for the school session will have two recitals per year to share progress
  • Family discounts are available!

The Reno Music Academy is committed to providing the best services for all of your musical needs.