Positive Vibes: David Belanger

Hi David,

I spoke to you on Dec 14 when I upgraded my Clavinova CVP from 509 to 809 at Carpenter’s. It was really nice to connect again.

I wanted to share the following with you. I’m in the process of updating all my written Clavinova notes, so that they apply to the 809. One old page of notes was entitled “Sound Tips.” It includes notes I took from what you taught me in 2003. When you first sold me the CVP 207 at Maytan’s, you were excellent at customer service. You made my parents & me fall in love with the instrument by how you demonstrated the features, & by how friendly you were. I played 10-hour days at that time. I arranged & recorded songs on 2 CDs, which I shared with you. You so graciously provided absolutely vital feedback. I wrote down all your comments, & have never forgotten them. They were incredibly helpful at that time, & that still holds true now, as I move forward with the 809.

When I started with the 207, I was totally new to a piano, much less a digital piano. Having grown up with an organ, I had a lot to learn. When I first played the 207, I went overboard on certain features. You helped reign me in. You pointed out where I used too much sustain, too much reverb, too much polyphony, & made songs too long without enough variety. My notes also include other items you taught me. I plan to keep these valuable notes, & continue to process them as I work on new arrangements.

Thank you SO much for your help & your customer service. I truly appreciate you.

Diane Luthi

P.S. Thanks, Tom, for selling me the 809. I feel fired up & inspired. You are ALL very friendly at Carpenter’s.