Help Us Reach Our Goal

For more than 40 years, Wendell has stood at the helm of this Northern Nevada musical institution, selling and renting high-quality instruments, offering music instruction to students of all ages and providing his neighbors with a place to explore and experience the world of music.

Because of his passion for the art, for music, and for pianos, Wendell’s goal is simple: To put a piano in every home. We are one of the oldest music stores in Reno and have been passionately sharing our love for instruments and the art of musical expression for decades. We want our community to grow and share the same passions. Music is freeing, expressive, and helps cultivate beautiful relationships and even helps students do better in school, as having a creative outlet lets them take a break from their studies for a while.

We know once you begin practicing this incredible instrument you will understand and share the deep love that we do for it, fast.


After putting your new piano in your home, it’s time to get to work on learning how to play it, right?

Carpenter’s Music word offers music lesson sessions that fit your needs, tailor-made to work around your schedule, ability, and time. Carpenter’s Music Academy is committed to providing the best services for all of your musical needs. Do you need to renegotiate pricing? Do you have a specific need we’re not addressing? Don’t hesitate to call us! We are happy to help work out a plan that will work out for every student, no matter the circumstance.