Rent a Piano in Reno

Not only can you rent a piano from Carpenter’s Music World for a low, low, price, but Carpenter’s Music word offers music lesson sessions that fit your needs, tailor-made to work around your schedule, ability, and time. Rent a piano in Reno, the right way! Carpenter’s Music Academy is committed to providing the best services for […]

Help Us Reach Our Goal

For more than 40 years, Wendell has stood at the helm of this Northern Nevada musical institution, selling and renting high-quality instruments, offering music instruction to students of all ages and providing his neighbors with a place to explore and experience the world of music. Because of his passion for the art, for music, and for pianos, Wendell’s goal is […]

Carpenter’s Podcast Series- Affordable Piano Rentals

Piano Rentals at a Price You Can Actually Afford There are many reasons why people do not pursue a career in the art or music realm. For some, it’s fear. Many of us just don’t want to face people who may not like our work, for others, it could be cost – buying an instrument, […]

Carpenters Podcast: Piano Rentals for Everyone

Check Out Carpenter’s Pre-Holiday Clearance Sale! We’re going to be showcasing some of our best pianos – all at affordable rates. Carpenter’s Music World is dedicated to giving all those that love music the experience of a lifetime. Art is always obtainable, and we wanted to help out those in our community that truly want […]