Acoustic Guitars for Rent

Instrument rental packages offered by Carpenter’s Music World are unmatched by the competition, and yes, we’re talking about beating out Guitar Center, too.

If you are coming to classes at Carpenter’s Music World, we want you to feel confident with your instrument, no matter what. It’s hard to really learn an instrument when you don’t have one you can take home with you to practice what you learned in your guitar lesson.

While Carpenter’s Music will provide you with a guitar that will help you learn while you’re here, we want to ensure that you will be able to learn and practice at home as well. Like we say with our Pianos, ‘A Piano for Every Home’, it should be applied to, ‘An Instrument in Every Home.’

As one of the first and most affordable music stores in Reno, our goal is to put an instrument in the homes of all those that want to learn, no matter what. No matter your budget, we will create a custom rental program for you and your family that will allow you to rent a high-quality instrument, without the stress of paying out the nose for it.

Acoustic guitars come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, colors. If you or your child is interested in learning about the different varieties of guitars, from acoustic guitars and classical guitars, to electric guitars and steel string guitars, come to Carpenter’s Music World and let us show you around a bit. We aren’t just a Yamaha Piano dealer, we are Reno’s number one resource for affordable instrument rentals.