A Piano for Every Home

Carpenter’s Music World has updated their rental program!

We believe there should be a piano in every home, and we mean it. While Carpenter’s Music World has low budget pianos to higher budget grands, we really fit the entire spectrum of any budget out there.

Through our rental program, Wendell Carpenter would like to see a piano in every home, no matter what your budget is. Can’t afford a piano payment?

Let us give you one.

That’s right, Carpenter’s Music World will give you a piano if you cannot afford to rent or own.

Carpenter’s Music believes that every home should have a piano and we stand firmly by it. Our passion for musical instruments, especially pianos, far surpasses how much we sell them for.

We don’t want families to go without a piano simply because they cannot afford one, so if you can help explain to us why you’re in a need of one, what your story is, and how we can help, we’d be happy to.

We can rent you a piano for $5, or $0. Please understand that higher quality pianos will not be as readily available for this option as some of our other pianos, but that does not mean they are any less beautiful, or not in working order!

We are one of the oldest music stores in Reno and have been passionately sharing our love for instruments and the art of musical expression for decades. We want our community to grow and share the same passions. Music is freeing, expressive, and helps cultivate beautiful relationships and even helps students do better in school, as having a creative outlet lets them take a break from their studies for a while.

Maybe you have a Mozart and didn’t even know it?

For more than 40 years, Wendell has stood at the helm of this Northern Nevada musical institution, selling and renting high-quality instruments, offering music instruction to students of all ages and providing his neighbors with a place to explore and experience the world of music.

With all the opportunity and joy that music has brought Wendell Carpenter, he’s happy to return the favor and will do so in any way he can.

Come to Carpenter’s Music World today and let us craft the perfect rental plan, or piano set up for you. We guarantee you’ll be happy.


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